How To Install WinRAR in Windows 10

By | September 5, 2018

Archived files allow you to compress multiple files into one so that it’s easier to transfer them and takes up less space.
WinRAR is a free (with paid option) archive program where you can manage various archive files.

A video tutorial is available at the bottom of the post.

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to this link:
You will see a lot of links, click the second one that says ‘WinRAR x64 (64 bit).
The download will now start.

Step 2

When the download is finished you can open the file by clicking on it.
The WinRAR setup will now start.
Click on the ‘Install’ button to begin the installation.

Step 3

When the installation is done you can choose what file extensions WinRAR will open for you.
The default selection should be fine but you can change it to your liking.
When done click on the ‘OK’ button.

Step 4

The WinRAR Setup has now finished, you may click on ‘Done’ to exit the program.

Step 5

Every time you start WinRAR you will see a pop up with a request to buy the software because you are still using the free version.
Unlike other trial software you can just click on the ‘OK’ button and continue to use WinRAR for as long as you like.

You now know how to install WinRAR in Windows 10.

Video tutorial:

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