How To Change your Timezone in Windows 10

By | June 17, 2018

Windows 10 automatically sets and changes your timezone to the current location of the computer.
This feature is very useful when you visit a lot of places around the world so you don’t have to worry about setting the time right like on your (maybe old) watch.
There are approximately 24 different timezone in the world, so keeping track of all of them can get quite messy.
Turning the timezone off does not mean you can change the time and date manually.
If you wish to change the time and date of your Windows 10 computer, you can read a tutorial on how to do it here.

This tutorial will show you how to change your timezone in Windows 10.

A video tutorial is available at the bottom of the post.

Step 1

Move your mouse to the Windows 10 icon, right-click and select ‘Settings’.

Change your Timezone Step 1

Step 2

Click on the ‘Time & Language’ category.

Change your Timezone Step 2

Step 3

make sure to turn the switch off that is located under ‘Set time zone automatically’.
If you don’t turn this switch off you can’t change the timezone.

Change your Timezone Step 3

Step 4

Click on the choicebox with the current timezone,
then choose the timezone you want to activate.

Change your Timezone Step 4

You have now changed your timezone in Windows 10.

Video tutorial:

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